From the Desk of Star Alumni's

From Dr. Sunil Kumar Tripathi

I am Dr. Sunil Kumar Tripathi, currently working as Young Investigator at Regional Centre for Biotechnology, NCR Biotech Science Cluster, Department of Biotechnology, Faridabad (NCR Delhi), India. I received my Ph.D. degree in Bioinformatics (July, 2014) from Alagappa University (AU), Tamil Nadu, India. As a Ph.D. student of Department of Bioinformatics, Alagappa University, I know firsthand the high quality of education provided to students. The best thing happened to me during Ph.D. tenure was that I learned a lot about myself. I faced challenges that I never thought which made me more confident. AU helped me to develop very positive attitude towards work. I gained skills that cannot be taught. AU has been always a pivotal point in my career. I am blessed to had such an academic environment which helps me to realise my goal and to excel in my professional career. It is a perfect adobe for not only academic activity but for overall development of one's personality. I appreciate not only the education I received, but also the values that university instilled in me. It’s excellence in teaching, its integrated curriculum, enhancing the personality of students and overall range of facilities provided are the key factors which is shaping the future of many students. I am also proud that the University has become a leader in basic as well as applied science and sought to involve students in decision-making. Dedication, efforts, results, discipline are major pillars of AU faculty. All faculty members focus on students' growth and career. I would like to recommend AU as a great learning university for upcoming talented scholars. I wish the AU to continue its efforts and transform the education of this country. At last but not least, I wish all the best to AU students and proud to be an alumnus of AU.

From Dr. C. Selvaraj

I would like to say that my 4 years at Department of Bioinformatics, Alagappa University has been one of the best periods in my life. As a scholar from budding department at 2009, I have started my research career. I have noted with sufficient facilities are kept on arise to initiate the strength of bioinformatics knowledge, all faculties focus on conceptual taught and given us a broad spectrum view of Bioinformatics, That gave us a starting point on my Research carrier. I can rapidity witness the smartness of the Bioinformatics department with the growth in terms of funding and fame which was gained by all faculties and students. The momentum was initiated as budding department and precipitously recognized as icon “Bioinformatics Department” of Tamil Nadu. Scholars from this department show their strength by being smart in publishing highly recognized journals and those works are also recognized with high citations. As a scholar of Department of Bioinformatics, Alagappa University, I was allowed to travel Singapore with Apbionet travel grant to receive the Young Researcher award and the talk, which I given shows the utilization of scholars towards the next scientific era. Apart from the excellent academic experiences, I also reaped benefits of being a part of multi-cultural student body. I continually learned how to share ideas with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. The intensive and extensive interactions through SBCADD conference gave us a great opportunity to interact with people from different institutions and understand scientific cultures equipped me with better interpersonal skills. After a completion of studying (2014), I have become a Post-Doctoral fellow at Food and Drug Administration, USA and I very much realize and appreciate my course in Alagappa University, the pace of life, and the conveniences that I probably won’t get at other universities. I have learned so much at my course period, not just about academics but also about the cultures of other people. I have acquired skills in communicating and working with a diverse community. This experience has truly enriched me in many ways. Overall, I am happy and proud to alumni of Alagappa University.

From Dr.Kh. Dhanachandra Singh

I joined as lone research scholar in Department of Bioinformatics, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu in the early year of 2009. When I joined there are few computers and three faculty members only. Within few years department is able to achieve world class facilities with numerous funding and publications. I am able to finish my Ph.D in 5 years and published 22 research paper as a credit of my research. After getting my degree from this department I am able get any kind of postdoctoral position throughout world in the field of bioinformatics. I thank department of bioinformatics for making my life easy.

From Dr. Karnati Konda Reddy

Alagappa University has helped me meet great people as well as helped me develop my research career. I have done my Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from the Alagappa University (2009-2014). It was amazing time there, I have learned more about myself during my stay at Alagappa University than at any other point in my life. I feel proud to say that I study here. There is no way I would be in the position I am today without the support of faculty I received at Alagappa University.

From Dr. P. kirubakaran

I am Kirubakaran Palani, currently a Post-doctoral fellow from Dr. Jiri Vondrasek lab, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Prague, Czech Republic. I earned my Ph.D. in Bioinformatics (December 2014) from Alagappa University under the guidance of Dr. M. Karthikeyan. I am happy to be a part of our Department alumni and it gives me an immense pleasure to participate in various meetings organized by our department. There is a small part of the suggestions to strengthen the alumni association from my side. I would like to mention it as below, 1. Regular organization of meetings may be in direct or communications by emails, phone, and Skype etc. 2. Connect and broaden the alumni and department network – such as Alumni focus newsletter to keep informed about news and opportunities. It can be issued every semester to keep in the update. 3. Keep in touch with alumni as well as current graduate students which support to strengthen the foundation for alumni-graduate bonding and current updates in research. 4. In future awards and recognition for alumni’s for their achievements by means of a major breakthrough in research and other activities. 5. Job searching advice or career guidance from recent alumni’s will also be a part of the meeting which will help current students to overcome large competitions. 6. Bonding between the academic and industries to strengthen the broader area of career opportunities. I hope this will be helpful for the positive suggestions towards alumni and department bonding to make our department top in all aspects of research and teaching. Finally, once again thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to be a part of our department alumni association and I will be happy to be part of it.

From Dr. A. Sudha

I have started my research career in Department of bioinformatics, ALU by the year 2009. I am very proud to say, I am the first Ph.D. student of DBI. I enjoyed my research life in DBI with well-equipped facilities. I learned to be more independent and had my own space to carry out my research work. Our department provides a platform for the exchange of academic views in various ways. A coordinated effort of our department staff members has boosted the image of bioinformatics department to grow to the newer height in scientific level. The entire institution provides the best learning experience and lights up each and every student to achieve their goal and dream. All my batch mates are all doing very well in whatever spheres of life and whichever part of the world they are achieved. At present, I am working as Teaching Assistant in DBI and still, DBI provides me a great platform to move forward in my life. I would like to thank all the DBI faculties for their generous contributions to my life. I feel very proud to be a student of ALU.

From Dr. K. Gopinath

I, Dr. Gopinath K, joined in the Department of Bioinformatics, Alagappa University for doctoral degree in Oct, 2010 and completed in Feb, 2016. Now, I am working as a Post-doctoral researcher in Konkuk University, Seoul. Being an alumnus of Alagappa University, I always feel proud and exciting to see Alagappa University name anywhere. This is the place where I learnt responsibility and individuality. Here, I was asked to do so many things, which helped me to explore in all the way and brought out the best in me. My mentor always believe that I can do more than ever I did and this helped me discover myself during all these scholarly days. My department faculties are so friendly and always give the chance to students to lead. Our department was started in 2008 with minimum facilities but now I really cannot imagine the growth of the department with well facilities. Besides, my friends, I have no words to define their boundless care and affection. Over all, it was a wonderful experience and memorable one…. Missing Karaikudi always….

From Dr. Naga mani

It gives me immense pride in calling that I am a research scholar of the Department of Bioinformatics, Alagappa University. I feel lucky that I was part of our department evolution process and also got evolved as a person that I am today. Our Department has a very special and sacred place in my heart. The rigorous academic and research curriculum is unparalleled in being supplemented by activities to develop oneself in multiple dimensions. Bioinformatics department has played a valuable role in my research and personal path, this was the turning point of becoming a professionally developed researcher from a scholar. Bioinformatics department has the wide enough balance of constructive research activities, wide exposure to multi- events/activities helps me to develop my management & leadership with awards and appreciations for my efforts in those days. Our department had provided me a world class infra-structure facilities without any compromise which shaped me a competitive researcher all around the globe. I wish the University for the Continued Success in near feature.


S. No. Name of the Student Year of completion E-mail
1. Dr. K. Gopinath 2016
2. Dr. Sindhu T 2016
3. Dr. A. Sudha 2016
4. Dr. R. Vanajothi 2015
5. Dr. P. kirubakaran 2014
6. Dr. Karnati Konda Reddy 2014
7. Dr. Kh. Dhanachandra Singh 2014
8. Dr. C. Selvaraj 2014
9. Dr. Sunil Kumar Tripathi 2014

M.Phil BIOINFORMATICS (2009-2015)

S. No. Name of the Student Year of completion E-mail
1. AARTHY. M 2015
8. MAHARAJA. R 2013
12. VENKATESH. S 2013

M.Sc. BIOINFORMATICS (2008-2016)

S. No. Name of the Student Year of completion E-mail
1. S. DEEPIKA 2016
2. R. Kanimozhi 2016
3. A. Kasthuri 2016
4. T. Nithya 2016
5. P. Pappathi 2016
6. R. Ponnazhagu 2016
7. S. Praba 2016
8. R. Sheela Rani 2016
9. A. Syed Mehar Nisha 2016
10. K. Thamarai Selvi 2016
11. K. Vaitheeswari 2016
12. Jagasirpian. V 2015
13. Saravanakumar. S 2015
14. Veerapandiyan. M 2015
15. Alosius. J 2014
16. Elakkiya. S 2014
17. GokuL. R 2014
18. John Marshal. J 2014
19. Lakshmanan.L 2014
20. Santhini devi. P 2014
21. T. Divya 2013
22. S. Latha 2013
23. K. Lekharani 2013
24. M. Madhumathi 2013
25. PK. Malarvizhi 2013
26. M. Meenatchi 2013
27. G. Nagalakshmi 2013
28. D. Nandhini 2013
29. T. Raja rajeshwari 2013
30. Bhuvaneshwari.S 2012
31. Mahendra krishna.G 2012
32. Muthukumar.V 2012
33. Naga soundarya.R 2012
34. Venkatesh.S 2012
35. Yogeshwaran, M. 2012
36. Arjchana. V. P 2011
37. Joseph Arul Rayan. A 2011
38. Karthika. M. D 2011
39. Monisha ilakia. R. S 2011
40. Nachiappan. M 2011
41. Poongodi. K 2011
42. Prabhu. D 2011
43. Priyadharsini. K 2011
44. Ram vignesh. C 2011
45. Suryanarayanan.V 2011
46. Viji. M 2011
47. Dinesh kumar. PL 2010
48. Manikanda prabhu. S 2010
49. Mohamed Rabeak.N 2010
50. MuthuLakshmi.S 2010
51. Nithya.G 2010
52. Prasanth Kumar.S 2010
53. Saravanan.S 2010
54. Sahul hameed.A 2010
55. Sindhu.S 2010
56. Suji.G 2010
57. Venkat Raghavan.R 2010

PG. Diploma in Structural Pharmacogenomics (PGDSP, 2013-2015)

S. No. Name of the Student Year of completion E-mail
1. Kavitha N 2016
2. Manikandan P.N. 2016
3. Veera pandiyan. M 2016
4. Vijayakumar. S 2015
5. Venkatesh. S 2015