Teaching Learning Process - Use of ICT initiatives by the Government

  1. Audio-Video Content
  2. (Massive Open Online Courses: Earn credit through online courses) digital courses on TV: Watch high quality educational programs 24x7)
  3. Digital content: access journals and e-books
  4. e-content on multiple disciplines) for e-books upto PG: Get free books and curriculum-based e-content) reservoir of Indian Theses: Access Research Theses of scholars of Indian Institutes) access to full text e-resources: e-journals)
  5. Accelerated Hands on learning
  6. and Open Source Software for Education: Access and volunteer for the use of open source software) in IT application: Self-training in IT fields) experiments designed for remote – operation: Try curriculum based virtual experiments)
  7. E-Governace
  8. development Life Cycle: University Enterprise Resource Planning)